2017 Las Vegas Digital Media Award Winners

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Best Blog

Content is king and we want to see yours! Brand, company or personal, this category celebrates blogs for overall aesthetic, content and success metrics – whatever you deem those to be!

Winner – Caesar’s Entertainment –  Las Vegas Blog

Best Use of Social Media

Much like Ron Burgundy, social media is kind of a big deal. We bet someone on your team spends a lot of time Snapchatting, Instagram Storying, Tweeting, Pinning, Facebook Living and maybe even playing Neko Atsume (trust us, you’ll want to download this one). Whether it’s a full blown campaign, a post that was a viral sensation or tapping into Influencers, this category celebrates the Best Use of Social Media from 2017!

Winner – R&R Partners for the Life is Beautiful Ticket Campaign

Best Omni Collaboration

Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Mickey and Minnie. We’re looking for the next best pairings of 2017! We want to see the best use of content collaboration through multiple mediums. This category recognizes a 2017 campaign that was omnipresent across multiple channels – digital, PR, on-property, print, radio, experiential, OOH – and created a WOW experience for your customers at every touchpoint.

Winner – SK + GGolden Knights Campaign

Best Video or OTT

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is video worth 5,000? Whether it was used in paid advertising, on your website, a sensation on social media or an experiment in live video, we want to watch it! Have you entered the OTT world for your digital campaigns?  This category recognizes Video or OTT work!

Winner – The Venetian for The Chica Challenge

Best Use of Native

To click or not to click, that is the question. This category recognizes the use of native advertising with great creative that captures the eye.

Winner – Eileen Fisher – The Cut 

Best Use of VR or AR

Is this real? Are you real? Wait…this is just an app? VR/AR has been a hot topic lately.  Here, we celebrate innovative work that is changing the digital landscape. 

Winner – R&R PartnersLas Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority / Vegas in 360

Best A/B Testing

Is BOOK NOW or LEARN MORE the better call-to-action? You won’t know unless you test!  We celebrate successes with A/B testing and the subject lines, creative, web banner ad sizes, campaign objectives and target audiences that helped increased the bottom line.

Winner – SK + G – Gorsuch Email Broadcast A/B Test

Best Use of Geo-Fencing

Ever feel like big brother is watching your every move? GPS and iBeacon technology has made it easier than ever for marketers to target potential customers within a certain location.  We recognize great work using Geo-Fencing.

Winner – BraintrustTipsy Robot

Best Use of Dynamic Creative

Whether you are feeding current travel prices on banner ads or utilizing sequential creative messaging. This category recognizes work that is effective at hitting relevant users in real-time. 

Winner – Eyeview – Caesar’s Summer Campaign

UNLV AMA Marketers

Best Junior Member/AMA/UNLV Student Work

What are our up and coming marketing geniuses working on in our community? We want to celebrate their work and showcase outstanding innovative marketing efforts in Las Vegas.  We celebrate the work of our Junior Members, UNLV Marketing Students, and Jr. AMA Members alike.

Winners – The UNLV American Marketing Association – The eBay Moments Campaign 



Agency “Shining Star”

This year’s Agency Shining Star Award will recognize excellence in leadership, outstanding performance, kickass work, and overall achievements.  No matter the size of the agency, the award is a shout out to the amazing creative work being done by our unique, vibrant and cutting-edge Las Vegas agencies.

Winner – Post Launch

Media Technology Partner “Shining Star”

Behind every good marketer is a great toolset. What Technology Media Partner is the Robin to your Batman that you couldn’t imagine living without?  This award helps celebrate the Vendor members that are part of the LVIMA Community too!

Winner – GlobalWide Media

Mr. Brett Peterson

Salesperson “Shining Star”

We all have one. Who’s that Salesperson that you like so much you actually became Facebook friends with them? They’re the ones you not only pick up the phone for, but actually ENJOY talking to. They’re the first partner you go to for advice, when your boss is pushing for something new or to geek out about the industry. This award celebrates the unsung hero that’s behind a marketer’s success.

Winner – Brett Peterson – Netmining


Account Manager “Shining Star”

The person “behind the salesperson” that makes it all happen once the deal gets done!  There is always that special rock star who stays on top of your campaigns, paying attention to every metric and optimization opportunity, communicates and collaborates effortlessly, and in the end makes YOU a rock star.

Winner – Claudia Romy – Teads

Up and Coming “Shining Star”

Danielle and Lindsay

We all know one. It’s the teammate new to digital that is kicking ass, taking names and running circles around us “net veterans.” We recognize an “Up and Coming” rock star who should be recognized for their awesomeness.

Winner – Lindsay Manzarek – IMI

Agency Member “Shining Star”

Dedicated to the agency member who makes the trains go, the work flow and the campaigns successful!

Winner – Danielle Yanke – IMI


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