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Networking Las Vegas Since 2004…

LVIMA (Las Vegas Innovation Marketing Association) has connected local digital marketers to the rapidly-changing digital technology world through an annual series of networking and educational events.  The organization serves – at all levels of their organization – who are living and working in Las Vegas.

By providing a forum for discussion, networking and education, LVIMA introduces the local marketing community to current trends in advertising and marketing.  The LVIMA Board is representative of the membership, with active Board members from major Las Vegas brands, agencies and technology providers.

With a strong, existing membership base and a continued partnership with our sister organization, SFBIG, we’re focused on expanding our reach and community support in 2017. We’re doing this in a few ways:

  • Outreach to local marketers in the non-profit and non-gaming industries that could benefit from the organization
  • Our members voted to partner with Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY), a local non-profit, to lend enhanced support to the rich community where members live and work
  • Launched a Junior Membership program to encourage graduate students entering the job market to explore the local professional opportunities available to them.

Want to be a part of this influential organization? Join LVIMA today!

A Rich and Storied Past….

LVIMA was founded by two industry pioneers who recognized the unique digital marketing world that Las Vegas – with its travel, entertainment and hospitality focus – represented.  AJ Vernet and Cory Treffiletti  drew upon their industry connections to establish a strong membership base, and they started the rich traditions of networking and entertainment that are still the core of LVIMA’s efforts.  When the group was well-established, they looked for a local leader to carry the group forward and to facilitate the next level of growth.  Industry – and Las Vegas digital marketing – expert Shawn Rorick shepherded the group through the next sustained period of growth and development.  In 2015, LVIMA partnered with in San Francisco to share infrastructure (financial and legal) support and to deepen the commitment to growth and development for the organization.

Support for LVIMA

LVIMA has two main sources of revenue support:

Sponsorship – Many national technology providers and thought leaders lend their financial and educational support by participating as a LVIMA Sponsor.  And We Love Our Sponsors!!!

Professional Membership –  Through the years, the local networking and educational events have drawn a core audience of brand and agency professionals who are also active buyers of digital media, digital advertising and digital marketing technologies.  For companies who are selling to this audience, a special paid professional membership has been established.  LVIMA members, who attend the events for free because of sponsor and paid membership support, recognize the support these members lend to the organization and our research indicates that LVIMA agencies and brands are more likely to take meeting with and to buy from sellers who support LVIMA in this way.


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Based on your desires, REQ is helping to share more about the process of determining a strong brand strategy, developing engaging creative and launching a targeted social campaign. ⁠ ⁠ Join us on Zoom - October 7th at 12pm. Then, come back for Cocktails on October 8th at 4pm! ...

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Are you ready?! Wednesday. October 7 at 12pm.⁠ Your wishes are coming true. Find out more event details by tapping and RSVP'ing. ...

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The 2021 @anamarketers International ECHO Awards deadline ends Sept. 18! Use USDMAVIP21 to save $150/entry.⁠ ⁠ ...

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Save the date! Our next (virtual) event is coming...⁠ ⁠ The recipe? Mix 1 Part Content.⁠ October 8. 12pm - 1pm⁠ ⁠ Mix 2 Parts FUN.⁠ October 9. 4pm - 5pm: Drinks, Fun, Networking! ...

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#TBT to that time when the Men of LVIMA had a tricycle race @hyperxesalv for #DTPD20! Who will win?! You'll have to watch... ...

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Annnnnd that's a wrap! Thank you to the 54+ Board Members, Volunteers, Sponsors, Speakers, Pets, Kids and Tech Support who helped to produce DTPD(s) 2020! What an awesome week! 🍻⁠ .⁠ @quantcast, @gumgum, @causal_iq, @simplifi, @accessundertone, @digilant_us, @req.official, @zetaglobal ...

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DTPD(s) Day One was a success! What's in store for Day 2? Your hosts will be LIVE from @hyperxesalv! See you on Zoom at 12pm!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #lvima #dtpd #digitalmarketing #lasvegas ...

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