May 16th Seminar

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Optimization Overload May 16

Thursday, May 16th – Doors Open at 6:00pm!
(Jones / 215  map)

Enjoy an evening with media industry leaders that’ll show you optimization techniques and tactics across almost every digital channel. Think it’s all just about “execution”?  Think again!  This is what its all about and could be one of the best educational forums yet…
LVIMA Members Only

Speakers Include:
Wiliam Crozer, Senior Project Manager, Social Office Suite
– Social media optimization (President, AMA Las Vegas Chapter)
David Perez, CMO and Co-Founder, Convertro
– Attribution model opportunities identification and optimization
Yael Bartal, Director of Operations, Netmining
– Behavioral targeting and display performance optimization
Yichen Liu, SEO Project Management, IMI
– KPI monitoring across content and search initiatives
Meagan Sharrer, Media Solutions, Expedia
– Analytics, Targeting, Testing and Messaging


You will learn:


  • Maximizing your leads, sales and audience growth
  • How to turn around “dead” placements
  • When “creative” is the “culprit”
  • Targeting layers for success
  • Integrating SEO into your “paid plan”
  • “Attribution Model” road maps
  • Learn tactics and strategies across the following channels:
  • SEO / Paid Search
  • and much more!
No “fancy talk”, no pitches… just hard-core, REAL grass-roots informative strategy, tactics and proven methods to give your campaigns and planning a boost in performance!


Search – Social Media – Behavioral Display – Mobile

KPIs for all Formats… all Objectives.
Space is limited!
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